Friday, 26 July 2013

Beach hut in England sells for £180,000

A tiny wooden beach hut with no water, electricity or even a toilet has sold for a staggering £180,000 within days of going on the market.
But while it may not have many mod cons or amenities, and cost as much as a three bedroom house in Liverpool, the 12ft x 18ft hut boasts priceless views over the The Solent towards the Isle of Wight.
The one-bedroom cabin, which sleeps four people at a squeeze, opens directly onto the beach at Mudeford near Christchurch, Dorset - one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the world.
But with no mains sewerage, there is no toilet and the buyer will have to walk a nearby amenity block to spend a penny.
The hut went on the market a few weeks ago and sold within days for a rumoured £180,000, it emerged today.
Will Wright, of Waterside Properties, said: 'There was definitely a lot of interest - that’s for sure. It was talk of the town when it went up for sale. The beach huts down there are so popular, I am not surprised it sold so quickly.' 
The one-bedroom hut is not accessible by car and owners will have to walk to the short distance to enjoy their new purchase. There are solar panels on the roof which power the spot lights and one 12v socket, similar to those seen in cars. Water is obtained from a communal standpipe and the sink drains via a soak-away under the property, with toilets in a nearby amenity block. The new owner - who does not want to be named - now owns the leasehold on the property until 2029 and will have to pay a yearly service charge of £1,986.00 to Christchurch Borough Council. It qualifies for a reduced council tax bill of £499.56 but can only be lived in for a maximum of ten months of the year. Former owner Sarah Litchfield, 48, who owned the property for the last 10 years, said she agonised over the decision to sell. She said: 'I had a mad moment 10-years-ago and bought it, I’m a local girl and everyone dreams of having one. 'I have spent many happy years down there and it has been a tough decision to sell.'

Source: Daily Mail

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